CAR AUCTIONS IN JAPAN Now you have got the opportunity to have the best used cars at your place which shall make even your customers happy .Get the cash you deserve by bidding for the car you like from the 10,000 cars present in the 120 car auctions in japan. The integrity expert as the name says are  the experts in this field . They will give you the translations for the cars and then you can buy the one that you find in best condition .

Smooth and secure method to buy used cars in japan.

When you are thinking of buying cars from car auctions in japan then you must definitely go for integrity exports .Integrity exports provide you the easiest and most secure option to get Japanese used cars. This is the only Japanese car buyer that gives you guarantee for both no overrun over your bidding budget as well as prove it guarantee that means they can any time show you the proof of the original invoice biding.

They are the only ones who provide an escrow payment method that means paying here is totally secure. If the question is how? Then the answer to this is that this payment service prevents them from getting the payment till you car has moved to shipping and your documents are dispatched to you safely.

They also have an online bidding option which is a very customer friendly business. It shall help you find the best cars in the auction quickly and then also helps you in managing your stocks and finances , everything online over the internet all around the world .

Customers within japan are not included in this also the single car private buyers are excluded. This means you can get car dealer customers with full focus and attention you need. They promise clear native English for communication for their customer support and expert account manager so that you are clear about how to do something to your car as well as about what is happening to your car.CAR AUCTIONS IN JAPAN

Reasons about why integrity exports are the best at what they do :-

  • They don’t take any charges for giving detailed translations of auction inspection reports.
  • They don’t charge anything for unsuccessful bids.
  • They only buy from auctions.
  • They don’t supply to private one car customers.
  • They are completely dedicated towards car dealers .
  • They have RORO and container shipping options.
  • They also give full valet of every car before the photo shoot.
  • They give you such an impressive portfolio that you can sell your car in the market even before it arrives.
  • They don’t give any sales in japan hence they are car export experts.
  • The bookings for shipping  could be assured of only after 24 hours after the end of the auction.
  • The cars are being loaded in containers having good strength that can handle 16 times the actual weight of the car.

All these are properties that makes integrity exports the best option.
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